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What do Aircraft Academy offer?

Aircraft Academy provides EASA Part-147 Maintenance Training Programmes (Theoretical & Practical) for aircraft technicians and engineers. With our EASA Part-147 Approved Training Centre, and EASA Part-145 Approved Maintenance Facilities at Vallair’s commercial MRO stations in Châteauroux and Montpellier, you can achieve the following qualifications:

  • EASA Part-66 Maintenance Experience & On-the-Job training (OJT) Programme

  • EASA Approved B1 & B2 Type Rating on Airbus A319/A320/A321 (V2500), Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321 (CFM 56/IAEV2500/LEAP-1A) & Airbus A330 (RR RB2 11 Trent /PW4000/GE CF6) & Boeing B737NG CFM56 & Boeing B737 MAX

  • EASA Approved Structured On-the-job Training (SOJT) for Type Endorsement A320 A330 and B737 NG in France

The following aircraft ‘type’ courses are offered:



EASA Approved B1 & B2 Type Rating:


Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321 – CFM56

Airbus A319/A320/A321– IAE V2500

Airbus A319/A320/A321 NEO CFM LEAP-1A

Airbus A330 (RR TRENT 700) 

Airbus A330 (PW4000) 

Airbus A330 (GE CF6)



EASA Approved B1 & B2 Type Rating:


Boeing B737-600/700/800/900 CFM56 NG

Boeing B737 MAX (LEAP-1B)



Airbus A320

Airbus A330

Boeing B737 NG

The following  FULL courses are offered:

EASA Approved B1 & B2 Type Rating 

  • Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321 (CFM56) – Theoretical & Practical 

  • Airbus A319/A320/A321 (CFM LEAP-1A)Theoretical & Practical  

  • Airbus A319/A320/A321 (IAE V2500)Theoretical & Practical 

  • Airbus A330 (RR Trent 700)Theoretical & Practical 

  • Boeing 737-600/700/800/900 (CFM56)Theoretical & Practical 

The following DIFFERENCES courses are offered:

EASA Approved B1 & B2 Type Rating 

  • Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321 (CFM56) or Airbus A319/A320/A321 (IA V2500) to Airbus A319/A320/A321 (CFM LEAP-1A)Theoretical & Practical 

  • Boeing 737-600/700/800/900 (CFM56) to Boeing Boeing 737-7/8/9 (CFM LEAP-1B)Theoretical only 

  • Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321 (CFM 56) to Airbus A319/A320/A321 (IAE V2500)Theoretical & Practical 

Where the courses are held:

Aircraft Academy offers services to a global client base from training centres in Châteauroux and Montpellier in France. Our extensive experience in supporting the training requirements for developed markets gives Aircraft Academy a broad perspective and a well-rounded understanding of the industry from a global, regional, and local perspective. 



We offer maintenance training programs that meet European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).  All technicians are prepared for real-life work experience. 


Nothing can replace real work on an aircraft, which is why those are available at our training locations via our partnership with Vallair.

What qualifications do you need before you start?

– EASA Part-66 category B1/B2 (or its equivalent) for maintenance staff 


The Aircraft Academy EASA Part-147 approved course is designed for aircraft maintenance engineers seeking to meet the standard of knowledge required to perform the duties of a B1/B2 certifying engineer, and to apply for appropriate company approvals. The course content is to the level defined in the latest EASA PART 66 Regulations. 


The desired initial entry standard for Type Training would normally be holders of the appropriate Part-66 B1/2 Aircraft Maintenance Licenses. 


It is essential that candidates have a technical background in an aircraft maintenance environment, and a working knowledge of the English language. 

Qualifications achieved when you graduate

– Aircraft Type training course completion 


A certificate of recognition will be issued at the end of each course to each student who has satisfactorily completed the course and has passed all the examinations/assessments. 


– SOJT training  


Certificate of completion of the SOJT programme for the first type aircraft endorsement and EASA PART 66 B1+B2 license with type endorsed for A320 A330 AND B737NG. 

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